Athens Photo Festival 2020

THE JOURNAL – The Benaki Museum

The word pandemic is derived from the Greek πᾶν, pan,
“all” and δῆμος, demos, “people”. In that light, The Journal
also seeks to be “pandemic” or of “all the people”. Its
members are literally spread across the globe and hail
from all walks of life; their work highlights both our
diversity, and common humanity.

Curated by Myrto Papadopoulos

The Journal is a global collaborative project of more than
400 women* photographers documenting their lives
during the coronavirus pandemic. In mid March, when
it became evident that all of us were losing income and
work opportunities, we turned the camera on ourselves,
our families, on intimate moments and private spaces.
By focusing on our collective personal, and emotional
experiences during this crisis, we bring nuance to the way
the current pandemic is being covered.

The Journal was initiated by Charlotte Schmitz and
Hannah Yoon within the Women Photograph community.
Together with Friendzone.Studio a platform for members
from different countries was created to collaboratively
push the boundaries of storytelling on social media.
Members are organized into 45 groups, taking turns in
posting their work on Instagram. Additionally, women
editors are invited from various international publications
– such as TIME Magazine, Vogue Italy, ZEIT Magazine
among others – to become part of our community and curate our work.

Photographers: Adrienne Surprenant – Paris, France /Rhiannon Adam – London, UK / Amara Eno – London, UK / Camilla Ferrari – Milan, Italy / Chona Kasinger – Seattle, USA
Ans Brys – Antwerp, Belgium / Ksenia Kuleshova – Antwerp, Belgium / Gaia Squarci – NYC, USA / Greta Rybus – Portland, USA / Haruka Sakaguchi – NYC, USA / Jen Osborne – Vancouver, Canada / Karolin Klüppel – Berlin, Germany / Kate Warren – Los Angeles, USA / Katrin Streicher – Berlin, Germany / Lee-Ann Olwage – Cape Town, South Africa
Mojgan Ghanbari – Tehran, Iran / Nicola Muirhead – London, UK / Noela Roibas – London, UK / Rehab Eldalil – Cairo, Egypt / Marzena Skubatz – Berlin, Germany
Stella Kalinina – Los Angeles, USA / Tamara Merino – Santiago, Chile / Nina Riggio – Oakland, USA / Ali Smith – New York, USA / Tira Khan – Boston, USA / Dee Dwyer – Washington DC, USA