2004 - Present  

TIME Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, GEO International, Le Monde, The Washington Post,, WSJ, DIE ZEIT, WIRED, The Guardian, Lens New York Times,, ARTE TV, ZDF TV among others. 



05.10.2007 - 08.10.2007  


Michelle McNally/ Vincent Laforet- New York Times. The Eddie Adams is an intense four-day gathering of professionals and students in Photojournalism.  

01.09.2006 - 01.07.2007  

ICP International Center of Photography N.Y 

One year Certificate Program, Documentary photography and  

Photojournalism. Scholarship for the fall term 2006. 

01.09.1998 - 01.09.2003  

University of Fine Arts, Thessalonica 

A five-year program, majored in Painting and Photography. 



THE ATTENDANTS PROJECT & the “Reflower”: a cross media project 2010-2016 / Bodosakis Foundation. 

The Attendants Program is a cross media project that uses different mediums of art and aims to raise social awareness of the issues of prostitution and sex- trafficking in crisis-stricken Greece, while using workshops to support and improve the lives of the victims. 

STRANGERS AT HOME 2015 (ongoing) : a short film in production / Director, DOP. A production of the Canadian film board, in collaboration with the Global Reporting Center. 

A production for the documentary “Strangers at home “ 

that is an ongoing project featuring a range of short films from 

storytellers throughout Europe – writers, cartoonists, musicians, scholars, as well as every day people – documenting the growing feelings of xenophobia in their own countries. 

SHARIA IN GREECE 2014: a short film documentary / DOP, Reporter // ARTE - WEST MORISSON productions 

A co-production for the documentary “Sharia in Greece” that will be presented by Arte in France in October 2014. 

THE NEW PLASTIC ROAD 2011-2015, Director - DOP 

A feature length documentary ZDF/ARTE & FILMOGRAFIK productions. 

MEDIA European program 2013 

Awarded financing from the development fund for  

the completion of the documentary "THE NEW PLASTIC ROAD". 

EBU Amsterdam 2012 

EBU European Documentary Network, Amsterdam 2012 

Selected to present the documentary in progress “The New Plastic Road” at the European Broadcasters Union in Amsterdam. 

MIPDoc International Pitching, Cannes 2012 

Selected out of six projects from all over the world, to present  

“ The New Plastic Road” at the MIPDoc International Pitch, in Cannes 

EDN European Documentary Network, 2012 

Selected to present the project in development “The New Plastic Road”at the pitching forum Docs 2012, which took pace in conjunction with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival/ Images of the 21st Century 

STORY DOC 2011, Athens 2011 

Pitching the selected documentary “The New Plastic Road” at Story Doc 2011. 






Participation in the Night of Photography with the series 

"Zhena Hodemsi" - My Wife I'm Leaving- 



IDFA Doc Lab Academy 2017, Amsterdam 

Chosen to participate at the IDFA Doc Lab Academy for interactive media. 


Benaki Museum / The Journey: People on the move 

Eight leading photographers,140 photos, one journey from Turkey to Greece for a safe refuge in Europe. 


Medphoto Festival / Crossings exhibition 

Medphoto extends an invitation to the global photographic community to participate in this dynamic artistic project, designed to be an annual lens-based arts celebration. By bringing together multiple cultural partners across Europe and the Mediterranean region, we hope to foster and sustain a vivid community of artists and to promote meaningful social dialogue. 


Athens Photo Festival / MIS-DIS-Placed 

Participation with the series “A dream in Transit” 


“Greek Stories Revised”/ China Lishui Photography 

Festival /Exhibition 

Participation in the main exhibition with the photography series from “Metsovo 1900” 


“Metsovo 1900” / Tositsa Foundation / Solo exhibition 

Featuring reenactments of everyday life in Metsovo in the early 20th century, Myrto Papadopoulos photographs take us on a journey to a time of historic change that transformed the Pindus mountain range communities. 

Τhe photographs were taken in Metsovo in December 2014, for an innovative project showcasing the Metsovo Folk Art Museum, run by the Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation. 


Euroart Photo Exhibition/ Milano, Rome 

Participation in the main exhibition of “euroartphoto”. Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan. 


TED ideas worth spreading / TEDx Thessaloniki, Royal Theatre 

Main Speaker // Invited to present the cross media project “The Attendants” 



Participation in the main exhibition of the Greek Film Photo week 2014 “Identity Crisis” 


Flash Forward 10 th Anniversary Publication 

A publication of the TOP 100 artists from Canada the US and the UK. 

10.10.2013 / 1.5. 2014 

Flash Forward Touring Exhibition and book launch 

Participation within the main exhibition of the Flash Forward 2013 at the Neubacher Shor Contemporary in Toronto, Canada and in Boston US. 


Magenta Foundation / Flash Forward 2013 

Winner, Emerging Photographer 2013 


APhF12/ Athens Photo Festival 2012 

“Greek reality”. A group exhibition within the main program of the Athens Photo Festival. 


Fotovisura Grant 2012 

Honorable mention for the series “The New Plastic Road”. 


Prix Pictet/ Pictet&Cie-Financial Times 

Nominated for the fourth cycle of the Prix Pictet for the series  

“The New Plastic Road” 


APhF11/ Athens Photo Festival 2011 

A one-man show within the central exhibition of the Athens Photo Festival 2011, with the project “The New Plastic Road”. 

23.09.2011- 25.09.2011  

DUMBO Arts Festival 2011, NY  

Participation in the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn with the “Kale” Project. 

30.09.2010- 04.11.2010  

GD4Photo Art Award 2010, Italy 

Selected to participate within the main exhibition of the Gd4 Photo Art Award at the “Pinacoteca Nazionale” in Bologna, Italy. 

11.06.2010- 13.06.2010  

LOOK3 Festival 2010, USA 

Nominated and selected to present a personal project at the LOOK Between, along with other artists nominated by groups as diverse as PDN, National Geographic, Humble Arts, Burn Magazine and numerous others. 

09.06.2010 - 15.08.2010  

CEDEFOP Photomuseum International Award/ The Exhibition  

A one-man show within the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki with the awarded series of “Out on a limb”. First prize at the Cedefop Photomuseum International Award 2008. 


Prix Pictet 

Nominated for the third cycle of the Prix Pictet for the series  

“Kale” and “A dream in Transit” 


World Press Photo 

Nominated for the 2010 Joop Swart Masterclass 

07.11.2009- 06.12.2009  

APhF09/ Athens Photo Festival 2009 

Participation within the main exhibition of the Athens Photo Festival 2009,“A Brave New World”. 

22.09.2009- 22.11.2009  

PHOTOQUAI 09/ Mussé du Quai Branly, Paris 

Selected to present the “Kale” series at the “2em Biennale des images du Monde” at the Museum of Quai Branly.  

PHOTOQUAI 2009/ La photographie Iranienne à l’honneur. 

03.09.2009- 12.09.2009  

BIENNALE 09/ XIV bjcm Scopje 2009 

Selected to participate with the “Kale” series in the “Biennale of young artistes of Europe and the Mediterranean”, in Scopje. 

14.05.2009 - 17.05.2009  

The New York Photo Festival 2009 

“The Future of Contemporary Photography”/Satellite Exhibitions 

Selected to present the “Out on a limb” series within the Satellite Exhibitionof the NY Photo Festival. 

08.11.2008- 08.12.2008  

APhF 08/ Athens Photo Festival 2008 

Participation within the “Panorama” Exhibition of the Hellenic Center of Photography. 


Memorial Mario Giacomelli 2008/ Grazia Neri, Italy 

VIII Premio Fotogafico / Honorable mention for the “Kale” series. 

28.10.2008- 19.12.2008  

MOIS OFF De La Photo 2008, Paris/ Fet Art 

Selected to present the “Kale” series within the program of Photo-OFF, at the “Mois de la Photo” 2008 in Paris. 

FET ART and EPSON organized within the month of November in Paris, exhibitions of young European photographers around the theme “Circulations regard de jeunes photographes Européens”. 

09.10.2008- 01.11.2008  

APhF08/ Athens Photo Festival 2008 

A one-man show within the central program of the Athens Photo Festival 2008, with the “ Kale” project. A project on the Greek-Muslim community of Thrace. 

09.07.2008- 04.08.2008  

Photography Museum of Thessaloniki/ “10 Creators interacting” 

Five Greek and five Spanish photographers interacting, chosen by their portfolio reviews from the Thessaloniki Photobiennale 08 and the Madrid Photoespagna 07. 


CEDEFOP Photomuseum Prize 2008/ First Prize 

The Cedefop Photomuseum Award is an international award which  

revolves around the notion of work and aims at collecting works with socialcontent and interest. 

17.04.2008 - 19.04.2008  

Portfolio Reviews/ Epson Exceed your vision award/ First Prize 

Photobiennale 20th International Photography meeting in Thessaloniiki. Chosen as best portfolio by 25 reviewers from all over the world. 

15.04.2008 - 31.05.2008  

Museum of Byzantine Culture/ ECB Annual Photography Award  

Participation in the exhibition of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, within he central program of the 20th International Photography meeting in Thessaloniki. 

29.10.2007 - 14.11.2007  

ECB Annual Photography Award, Frankfurt/ Second Prize 

Cultural Days of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt 

Exhibition within the European Central Bank. 

Over the years a digital collection of contemporary photography is built up from the competition entries submitted from the various EU countries. 

On the web: 

National Geographic 

Le Monde 



Le Monde 

Burn Magazine 

Le Journal De La Photographie 


Le Monde 

New York Times 

New York Times 

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